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Occidental Attachment

The absolute gutter tis where
Mine eyes locked onto your penitent stare
A faint aperture in darkness hard to believe
I never thought you’d be down here with me                                   
Where most would pass censure
to congregate or purpose any venture
may swallow all who come near
rather than crack my illusive veneer
Alas you make mine serpent tongue
loose favoring a punctured lung 
Letting out a bevy of horrific secrets
That shall render your nights sleepless
Tattered and torn I too listen to you
My teeming brain astute yet eschewed          
While this shoulder begs to be stained
By a deluge of your darkest tears drained  
Precocious are we to be sanguine
Pandering to the urgencies of dreams
The passage to my heart always oblique
While your fiery lips graze my cheek
I love you sweetie beyond mere words
Ditched those concrete wings rest assured
And speedily traveled amongst the stars
Where everything you see here is ours

Here the end lies not in white to black
Its when you leave till you come back
Vore Space ://  Nothing could ever mendthiS


Forgive me, I am broken
Pronounced formally devastated
For which I proposed witchy craft
Cast upon my person resonated
Skulking around as it were
Distant from gods watchful eye
I have wandered this plane alone
Pious warmth and comfort denied
Weary as I, occupied by
a grandiose proclamation
Distilled like fine brandywine
Invoking a tired hearts cessation
This scarlet garden I will remain
Sincere in my ability to be displaced
amongst the gloomy roses bloom
and crunchy insects discarded carapace
A noir gazebo also stands here
I’m enamored with the post mortem craze
Perchance to know myself better
Lamenting the current passing phase
So many dreams I’ve stacked upon clouds
Above me that strain under the weight
Until it rains over my private hell
And Im afraid that I’ll suffocate
Broken every promise sworn under god
I recklessly abandoned remnants of me
Betwixt a variety of libations
For which those callous could feed
Sometimes I fracture in pause
While a dormant beast gives reprise
The threat of a past addled
Such as mine on the rise
Routines never befit him or me
He nestled in my malignant deviations
Beyond the stanchion norm
That became points of celebration
But once I do recall
One who understood it well
On the cloudiest of days
She appeared to break the spell
She’d asked to come over
It caught me by surprise
I can be so terribly absentminded
And yet she dried my teary eyes
We cuddled like timid strangers
Encapsulated in a dingy frame
Resting our hopes on the precipice
Of memory encoded membranes
Nightmares suddenly ceased for me
lines that were drawn wash away
And I treasure the way we were
As I craft the breath to convey
Believe in me once more
Help me cure this wasted land
We could rebuild it together
just give me your hand
Vore Space :// Love was in the air and now its dead space

Remnants of Me

I’m just a shiftless dreamer
 When i  slip and fall
 the walls congeal to catch me
 Whilist these delusions become real
 holding hands with masochistic lovers
 Which had to be left behind
I found her sighing in the corner
Purloining quarters from the blind
my lady forever so unkind
my lady cutting in the quarantine line
shes never seen my shrine
Not of gods sacred garden
not of stone temple pilots
or heartless jargon
Ashes of me  cascade
As the incredibly ugly pervade
Sensibilities that easily tire
as I swirl over lurid pyres
Vore Space://  Another word jumble I wish to share…enjoy

Today marKs Eight

Forgive me if I stutter
Butterflies perhaps this time
or do you cause my heart to flutter
Where must we draw the line?
For I am the one who keeps
Mister death stashed in his pocket
and under the tyrannous stars I sleep
With you safe in my locket
Because like you I was once broken
Like you cradled by the furnace
heavy emotions rendered verboten
The result of such sternness
You and I both know; however
There’s something magical in falling
A hand that guides our endeavors
A heart that adheres to your calling
As I  am forever yours in time
When you cross the sacred line
Vore Space :// I Hope that EAst of eden theRe are beasTs WHitering tO death.


The wind carries its song behind me
As the leaves flutter about
Slaloming through murky trees
Rustled ferociously by a sudden spout
From swirling auburn dust she rose
Appearing like a goddess exhumed
A juxtaposition one might suppose
to a sprawling cemetery’s jejune
In her sway my thoughts got mangled
Within those lace patterns innocently
festooned with mordant ruffles that strangled
her feet as she pressed on diligently
In an inferno of caution I drown
As wounded heartstrings pull tighter
the space between us shorter now
As the flames rose higher and higher
The heart is a poisonous delicacy         
It won’t ever listen to me
Adhering loves dark residency
Even my hands had turned thief
Ushering themselves to delicately wave  
A gossamer of golden hair willfully
Revealing two Saffire jewels that gave
Her pale lips perfect symmetry
Their intentions spread black disease
Attune with the crescent moons peak
And I can sense a gale breeze          
Skating across her fervent cheeks
Those indigo lips lay trembling
As did the pressing of them against mine
Causing our battered souls assembly
amidst a zillion whirling fireflies
I started to unravel within such bliss
And wanted to tell her of known truths
About the devil she kissed
ardent with scars of youth
For the stars scream where I live
spattering their pretty luminosity
over the creature heaven deprived
as a progenitor of many atrocities
I spoke of gazebos black with shame
and the smattering of insects breeding
in decadent hives that came
with echoes of a past misleading
Because all this was peaceful before
fatalism covered it in a vapid cloak
That father time hastily tore
Repurposing it as a yoke
Now each day ends and begins
In a ritual beside a cracked vanity
tears cascading down porcelain skin
begging to be purged this scab of humanity
In darkness lies the brightest fire
She broke through with animosity
Fear not death for it is desire
That brought you to me
Leave the bosom of a life contrived 
Take your hand in mine child
Bask once more where decay thrives
in your pestilent witch gone wild

Vore SpaCe ::// A favorite of mine… It recalls everything I hold dear


Scattered patterns of neon lights
stencil abstract secrets to tell           
It reacts like a deadly versifier
condemning the cranium to expand and swell
Navigating past clockwork divas
Following where skin tabs congeal
For which to wrap viridian claws
Where faces read pull to peel
Two bleak crows left of here
Compel me to shy away
Still I am fond of apoplexy
And exponentially inspired today
My faith, given in short supply
Manipulating the processes hard to feel
I surrender my candy coated heart
Selectively fashioned as the next meal..   
The inner war is coloring me ostentatious
Suppressed , I will become what they ask
in the shelter of corroded memories
riding the crimson waves of a heart attack
A caustic splinter harbors the mind
Like combatants who crave false pretenses
At a trial where no words were ever spoken           
Reluctant am I to serve 20 life sentences       
But I ‘ve derived such discoveries long ago
Littering the walls with historical scores
Behind them I’ve hidden the dead bodies
Of lovers that have come before
And within the spark of residual memory
Abound the depths of my own volition
Handsomely chained up and locked away
to be cast in the fires of infinite perdition


Vores notes: a slicker for the razor rain that happens to call

itself reality.. .

Stargazing II: Postive Tension

Our adventure began
Where outer limits break
beyond the luminous light streams
near the dark Tannhauser gate
There we formed a tiny spark
that somewhere went askew
in a bevy of precious moments
incubating harbingers of rue
The vast array of swirling stars 
that danced in the glacial wind
 once the champions of beauty
became suddenly so dim
No more do they sparkle
Halted within their spry 
No longer do they shine
Over the nebulous sky     
Torn asunder have we
the fabric of time and space
trapped in a supernova
of transfixed malice and hate
In your quest for averice
You haven’t shed a single tear
I remain sullen in mourning
as the radiant spark disappears
On thoughts of me shant you linger                      
Just hopeless pride and crass sniggers                           
words exchanged like piercing bullets
with our aesthetic laden triggers
One last request I have
A question for those callow
Was the price high enough
hanging thy head in neon lit gallows
Tell me, have I afront to heaven
lips frozen with chilling fright
or do I dwell on the antipode
of its protrusive light?
Vore’s notes: Writing this was like getting my throat slit while still awake..\
But I implore you to never let the dream escape your grasp