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Occidental Attachment

The absolute gutter tis where
Mine eyes locked onto your penitent stare
A faint aperture in darkness hard to believe
I never thought you’d be down here with me                                   
Where most would pass censure
to congregate or purpose any venture
may swallow all who come near
rather than crack my illusive veneer
Alas you make mine serpent tongue
loose favoring a punctured lung 
Letting out a bevy of horrific secrets
That shall render your nights sleepless
Tattered and torn I too listen to you
My teeming brain astute yet eschewed          
While this shoulder begs to be stained
By a deluge of your darkest tears drained  
Precocious are we to be sanguine
Pandering to the urgencies of dreams
The passage to my heart always oblique
While your fiery lips graze my cheek
I love you sweetie beyond mere words
Ditched those concrete wings rest assured
And speedily traveled amongst the stars
Where everything you see here is ours

Here the end lies not in white to black
Its when you leave till you come back
Vore Space ://  Nothing could ever mendthiS