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The wind carries its song behind me
As the leaves flutter about
Slaloming through murky trees
Rustled ferociously by a sudden spout
From swirling auburn dust she rose
Appearing like a goddess exhumed
A juxtaposition one might suppose
to a sprawling cemetery’s jejune
In her sway my thoughts got mangled
Within those lace patterns innocently
festooned with mordant ruffles that strangled
her feet as she pressed on diligently
In an inferno of caution I drown
As wounded heartstrings pull tighter
the space between us shorter now
As the flames rose higher and higher
The heart is a poisonous delicacy         
It won’t ever listen to me
Adhering loves dark residency
Even my hands had turned thief
Ushering themselves to delicately wave  
A gossamer of golden hair willfully
Revealing two Saffire jewels that gave
Her pale lips perfect symmetry
Their intentions spread black disease
Attune with the crescent moons peak
And I can sense a gale breeze          
Skating across her fervent cheeks
Those indigo lips lay trembling
As did the pressing of them against mine
Causing our battered souls assembly
amidst a zillion whirling fireflies
I started to unravel within such bliss
And wanted to tell her of known truths
About the devil she kissed
ardent with scars of youth
For the stars scream where I live
spattering their pretty luminosity
over the creature heaven deprived
as a progenitor of many atrocities
I spoke of gazebos black with shame
and the smattering of insects breeding
in decadent hives that came
with echoes of a past misleading
Because all this was peaceful before
fatalism covered it in a vapid cloak
That father time hastily tore
Repurposing it as a yoke
Now each day ends and begins
In a ritual beside a cracked vanity
tears cascading down porcelain skin
begging to be purged this scab of humanity
In darkness lies the brightest fire
She broke through with animosity
Fear not death for it is desire
That brought you to me
Leave the bosom of a life contrived 
Take your hand in mine child
Bask once more where decay thrives
in your pestilent witch gone wild

Vore SpaCe ::// A favorite of mine… It recalls everything I hold dear