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Forgive me, I am broken
Pronounced formally devastated
For which I proposed witchy craft
Cast upon my person resonated
Skulking around as it were
Distant from gods watchful eye
I have wandered this plane alone
Pious warmth and comfort denied
Weary as I, occupied by
a grandiose proclamation
Distilled like fine brandywine
Invoking a tired hearts cessation
This scarlet garden I will remain
Sincere in my ability to be displaced
amongst the gloomy roses bloom
and crunchy insects discarded carapace
A noir gazebo also stands here
I’m enamored with the post mortem craze
Perchance to know myself better
Lamenting the current passing phase
So many dreams I’ve stacked upon clouds
Above me that strain under the weight
Until it rains over my private hell
And Im afraid that I’ll suffocate
Broken every promise sworn under god
I recklessly abandoned remnants of me
Betwixt a variety of libations
For which those callous could feed
Sometimes I fracture in pause
While a dormant beast gives reprise
The threat of a past addled
Such as mine on the rise
Routines never befit him or me
He nestled in my malignant deviations
Beyond the stanchion norm
That became points of celebration
But once I do recall
One who understood it well
On the cloudiest of days
She appeared to break the spell
She’d asked to come over
It caught me by surprise
I can be so terribly absentminded
And yet she dried my teary eyes
We cuddled like timid strangers
Encapsulated in a dingy frame
Resting our hopes on the precipice
Of memory encoded membranes
Nightmares suddenly ceased for me
lines that were drawn wash away
And I treasure the way we were
As I craft the breath to convey
Believe in me once more
Help me cure this wasted land
We could rebuild it together
just give me your hand
Vore Space :// Love was in the air and now its dead space