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Cold from feverish sleep I woke
dissuaded by the enchanting moon glaze
burning bright as ever on
mahogany boards which I lay
a host of reaching arms
attached to a ghastly phantom
teetering on flaccid imagination
reaching..sleight of hand
preaching…flesh on demand
breaching…. against the feeling
of her fingers touch mine
I Remained, clutching back and forth
Rocking in a sense that splatter illusions
Fester under the veil of many corset strings
Charming and bewitched
Not to be missed
Vores Notes :  Part dream, part 10 minute practice session,  All obscure


Graveyard Suspension


After the funeral service ceased             
She remained abysmally silent
Twiddling a tissue now creased
and still dry in memoriam of a tyrant
Even during the eulogy she spent
Most of those moments lying in wait
Unassuming to those who went
Of her role in his current state
Hidden well was her porcelain face    
Adorned with stitches beyond the veil
Which accentuate the vicious black lace
In contrast to her skin ever pale
Perennial is she in winters grasp
A portrait of devastating beauty
Allowing spectators a lurid gasp
Their hearts killed in the line of duty     
Casually she tours the riot scene
Giving way to the setting sun
And within its amber sheen
Begat a shadowed foul one
That shadow is I
as I languish in shadow form
a murderer of seven brides
but there’s always room for one more
Memories of past lives in flood
Far too long have I spent
Sipping on cups of angels blood
Masking the souls final descent
I offer my shoulder to bleed on
Faster than coupled eyelids blink
And proclaim a love devoid of treason
closer than you might think
My heart desires it so gently
to wisk you amongst the stars above
establish a new form of gentry
wrapped in these arms little dove
Spectre I may be though
Guided by voices my aim be true
A precious life of considerable woe
Hangs in the balance of your view
Last Line is missing?
Vore space// The night of too many rewrites spawned this accursed horror..


Scattered patterns of neon lights
stencil abstract secrets to tell           
It reacts like a deadly versifier
condemning the cranium to expand and swell
Navigating past clockwork divas
Following where skin tabs congeal
For which to wrap viridian claws
Where faces read pull to peel
Two bleak crows left of here
Compel me to shy away
Still I am fond of apoplexy
And exponentially inspired today
My faith, given in short supply
Manipulating the processes hard to feel
I surrender my candy coated heart
Selectively fashioned as the next meal..   
The inner war is coloring me ostentatious
Suppressed , I will become what they ask
in the shelter of corroded memories
riding the crimson waves of a heart attack
A caustic splinter harbors the mind
Like combatants who crave false pretenses
At a trial where no words were ever spoken           
Reluctant am I to serve 20 life sentences       
But I ‘ve derived such discoveries long ago
Littering the walls with historical scores
Behind them I’ve hidden the dead bodies
Of lovers that have come before
And within the spark of residual memory
Abound the depths of my own volition
Handsomely chained up and locked away
to be cast in the fires of infinite perdition


Vores notes: a slicker for the razor rain that happens to call

itself reality.. .

Stargazing II: Postive Tension

Our adventure began
Where outer limits break
beyond the luminous light streams
near the dark Tannhauser gate
There we formed a tiny spark
that somewhere went askew
in a bevy of precious moments
incubating harbingers of rue
The vast array of swirling stars 
that danced in the glacial wind
 once the champions of beauty
became suddenly so dim
No more do they sparkle
Halted within their spry 
No longer do they shine
Over the nebulous sky     
Torn asunder have we
the fabric of time and space
trapped in a supernova
of transfixed malice and hate
In your quest for averice
You haven’t shed a single tear
I remain sullen in mourning
as the radiant spark disappears
On thoughts of me shant you linger                      
Just hopeless pride and crass sniggers                           
words exchanged like piercing bullets
with our aesthetic laden triggers
One last request I have
A question for those callow
Was the price high enough
hanging thy head in neon lit gallows
Tell me, have I afront to heaven
lips frozen with chilling fright
or do I dwell on the antipode
of its protrusive light?
Vore’s notes: Writing this was like getting my throat slit while still awake..\
But I implore you to never let the dream escape your grasp


Gather yourself in these tattered wings
I can show you wonders amidst the sky
and  toss away those rusty telescopes
In favor of your untrained eye     
Tonight we set our sights in the stratosphere
Far away from what man can perceive
Our hearts giving way to ab sentiment
for those who art bereaved
Lets travel with the brightest stars
and gander at breathtaking formations                    
We could clearly trace a path                   
amongst the stellar constellations
We could even brave searing heat                          
of passing comets deep flavescent hue             
or immerse ourselves in shadowy twilight
Anythings possible with you         
Like tiny stones in a vast glowing stream
Rest our hearts so dormant lain
Your arms locked around me dear        
Finding truth in evils bane
Where beautys web unveils
as my timid smile just might allude
A  feud of heart over mind
Rivaling that of capulets and montaques
Oh but you look so tired…                    
As we suddenly break harsh land
those rouge lips rest quiet           
I admit this part was unplanned
Your face, so gentle as a snowflake
your demeanor hauntingly sweet   
Will you still remember me
or simply melt at my feet
Vore’s Notes
 Part one of a trilogy that I have comprised to get through
the tyrannical spring . Hope you all enjoy it …More to come

The Longing

Scar me beautifully
I’m a penitent sinner none can forgive
Cut from stars androgynous
Killing myself to live
There is a grievous war
That lies right through me
Along distorted acts of contrition  
and this should not be
Time and time again
My insidious soul depends
On a harpsichord of heartstrings
Plucked by my dearest friend
I travel in gradient cepeatone
Whenever we’re apart
And I feel it better to colorize
The world through your graphic art
At first it took months now days 
For this verbose yet ancient sage
To let the heart breathe for me
lowering pen to blankest of page
Let me say that I
Don’t regret the leap
The dream, the place you
dragged me to in my sleep
Please suture up my mind
Cauterize all anxiety untrue
I think I’m ready to go
Anywhere with you
You will always be
to me unlike all the others
An exponential source of levity                   
A tenacious blood guzzler
Vore’s notes 
Written at the heights of euphoria.. It addresses
the urgency of blood and love


I couldn’t build myself up
To diverge from the current grade
Of a reality so eschewed it
pumps neurotoxins in those brave

I’ve spent many nights like this
Tied up in her blessed words
Whispered clearly in clever verse
My doubts absorbed in the dirge

Though I still cried on occasion
When it came to the chorus
Wondering where she was
Perhaps sorrow was to remain scoreless

Was my love not strong enough
to distance her from the grave
In the company of tears I slept
And her indulgence forever crave

Misplaced joy blossoms apathy
From which to pluck its stem
You must tentatively subdue
The filament so it cannot mend

Years have flown by this flower
As did Trojan horses galloped
Causing it to whither and fade
Barely recognizable; bankrupt

And I am left here again
pretending we’ve never met
Crowded around weathered tombs
By those dearest of friends I am beset

Bottle of wine in one hand
Reflecting off a scalpels gleam
Judgment encourages another drink
Sulking alone with a dead dream

So attrition beckons me on this night
Beneath the crescent moons radiant wave
It’s the last time I will advocate her grace
The last night I will visit her grave
Vore’s notes
ahh Valentines day…. An offering thats sure to spread disease