A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts


Scattered patterns of neon lights
stencil abstract secrets to tell           
It reacts like a deadly versifier
condemning the cranium to expand and swell
Navigating past clockwork divas
Following where skin tabs congeal
For which to wrap viridian claws
Where faces read pull to peel
Two bleak crows left of here
Compel me to shy away
Still I am fond of apoplexy
And exponentially inspired today
My faith, given in short supply
Manipulating the processes hard to feel
I surrender my candy coated heart
Selectively fashioned as the next meal..   
The inner war is coloring me ostentatious
Suppressed , I will become what they ask
in the shelter of corroded memories
riding the crimson waves of a heart attack
A caustic splinter harbors the mind
Like combatants who crave false pretenses
At a trial where no words were ever spoken           
Reluctant am I to serve 20 life sentences       
But I ‘ve derived such discoveries long ago
Littering the walls with historical scores
Behind them I’ve hidden the dead bodies
Of lovers that have come before
And within the spark of residual memory
Abound the depths of my own volition
Handsomely chained up and locked away
to be cast in the fires of infinite perdition


Vores notes: a slicker for the razor rain that happens to call

itself reality.. .

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