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Stargazing II: Postive Tension

Our adventure began
Where outer limits break
beyond the luminous light streams
near the dark Tannhauser gate
There we formed a tiny spark
that somewhere went askew
in a bevy of precious moments
incubating harbingers of rue
The vast array of swirling stars 
that danced in the glacial wind
 once the champions of beauty
became suddenly so dim
No more do they sparkle
Halted within their spry 
No longer do they shine
Over the nebulous sky     
Torn asunder have we
the fabric of time and space
trapped in a supernova
of transfixed malice and hate
In your quest for averice
You haven’t shed a single tear
I remain sullen in mourning
as the radiant spark disappears
On thoughts of me shant you linger                      
Just hopeless pride and crass sniggers                           
words exchanged like piercing bullets
with our aesthetic laden triggers
One last request I have
A question for those callow
Was the price high enough
hanging thy head in neon lit gallows
Tell me, have I afront to heaven
lips frozen with chilling fright
or do I dwell on the antipode
of its protrusive light?
Vore’s notes: Writing this was like getting my throat slit while still awake..\
But I implore you to never let the dream escape your grasp

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