A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts


Gather yourself in these tattered wings
I can show you wonders amidst the sky
and  toss away those rusty telescopes
In favor of your untrained eye     
Tonight we set our sights in the stratosphere
Far away from what man can perceive
Our hearts giving way to ab sentiment
for those who art bereaved
Lets travel with the brightest stars
and gander at breathtaking formations                    
We could clearly trace a path                   
amongst the stellar constellations
We could even brave searing heat                          
of passing comets deep flavescent hue             
or immerse ourselves in shadowy twilight
Anythings possible with you         
Like tiny stones in a vast glowing stream
Rest our hearts so dormant lain
Your arms locked around me dear        
Finding truth in evils bane
Where beautys web unveils
as my timid smile just might allude
A  feud of heart over mind
Rivaling that of capulets and montaques
Oh but you look so tired…                    
As we suddenly break harsh land
those rouge lips rest quiet           
I admit this part was unplanned
Your face, so gentle as a snowflake
your demeanor hauntingly sweet   
Will you still remember me
or simply melt at my feet
Vore’s Notes
 Part one of a trilogy that I have comprised to get through
the tyrannical spring . Hope you all enjoy it …More to come

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