A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts

The Longing

Scar me beautifully
I’m a penitent sinner none can forgive
Cut from stars androgynous
Killing myself to live
There is a grievous war
That lies right through me
Along distorted acts of contrition  
and this should not be
Time and time again
My insidious soul depends
On a harpsichord of heartstrings
Plucked by my dearest friend
I travel in gradient cepeatone
Whenever we’re apart
And I feel it better to colorize
The world through your graphic art
At first it took months now days 
For this verbose yet ancient sage
To let the heart breathe for me
lowering pen to blankest of page
Let me say that I
Don’t regret the leap
The dream, the place you
dragged me to in my sleep
Please suture up my mind
Cauterize all anxiety untrue
I think I’m ready to go
Anywhere with you
You will always be
to me unlike all the others
An exponential source of levity                   
A tenacious blood guzzler
Vore’s notes 
Written at the heights of euphoria.. It addresses
the urgency of blood and love

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