A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts


I couldn’t build myself up
To diverge from the current grade
Of a reality so eschewed it
pumps neurotoxins in those brave

I’ve spent many nights like this
Tied up in her blessed words
Whispered clearly in clever verse
My doubts absorbed in the dirge

Though I still cried on occasion
When it came to the chorus
Wondering where she was
Perhaps sorrow was to remain scoreless

Was my love not strong enough
to distance her from the grave
In the company of tears I slept
And her indulgence forever crave

Misplaced joy blossoms apathy
From which to pluck its stem
You must tentatively subdue
The filament so it cannot mend

Years have flown by this flower
As did Trojan horses galloped
Causing it to whither and fade
Barely recognizable; bankrupt

And I am left here again
pretending we’ve never met
Crowded around weathered tombs
By those dearest of friends I am beset

Bottle of wine in one hand
Reflecting off a scalpels gleam
Judgment encourages another drink
Sulking alone with a dead dream

So attrition beckons me on this night
Beneath the crescent moons radiant wave
It’s the last time I will advocate her grace
The last night I will visit her grave
Vore’s notes
ahh Valentines day…. An offering thats sure to spread disease


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