A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts


Drowning faces
Swirling behind rose glass
Divulge muddy traces
Betwixt shining iconoclasts
that assume abnormal shapes
in the bustling deluge
like tiny seeds in grapes
they exist to eschew
an unsuspecting jabber jaw
snapping to the occasion
like a joker without applause
or a smile spawned of abrasion
however, she distinctly remembers
when the walls didn’t breathe
in symphonic muffled screams
and horrors that clung beneath
her feet were remnants of dreams
although a faint skittering
attest this holographic blur
the past dissolves in dusty glitter
as if a gaggle of wasps or birds
showered overhead to rest
scouring her unwritten words
between lips hard-pressed
but instead was jabbed by cruel
idioms weighed in temperance
Vore’s Notes
Had this stuck in my head for two months without
the luxury of being able to extract it.  Innerspace
is a tale of an average girl who takes pleasure
in the lesson experience has asphyxiated her with


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