A place for evoking dark poetry and other comforts

Favored Soul

Misery can contort truth to befit
Your tar encrusted noxious heart
Haphazard and ready to be flung
Effervescently like abstract art
And I shudder to think or
Recount the offers I gave with charm
To lay this tarnished body beside you
In the peaceful joy of your arms
Sardonic affliction bless those bold
Belaying my wanderlust soul to thine
Revelations inscribed on the heart
Evenly dividing the cellar of the mind
Alas lost in love again while
Keeping close , you and I
In spite of vices, depression and
Never ending bouts of suicide are
Given the same dream tonight
Vore’s notes
Written in a scant two days with almost
no revisions.  Its a classic snapshot of a
boy introducing the steel wall to his face.


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